kristi hedberg photography | asheville senior portrait artist

the second graduate in this family that I have had the immense pleasure to photograph…….Grace, your smile should and could light up an entire stadium ! Enjoy your senior year, as I know you will! here is your preview

kristi hedberg photography | asheville pet photographer

I am not sure we have ever had such a crop of cuties all at one time…..this week’s babies searching for their forever home. If you need more information, please contact the Asheville Humane Society

2013/09/12 - 4:13 pm

Iris Ann Francis - Must meet this girl!

kristi hedberg photography | asheville family photographer

So happy to have been able to fit this very last minute and very brief session in while this family from all over the world were together…..

kristi hedberg photography | asheville senior portrait artist

I remember this beautiful young lady when she was one of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower….waaaay back in pre-school with my youngest daughter. There were such wonderful friends as little girls, and stayed wonderful friends as they both grew up. Somehow, Carter, I cannot believe you are already a senior….I can’t believe my own daughters are so grown up. Thank you for choosing me to capture this wonderful time in your life……here is your preview.

kristi hedberg photography | asheville senior portrait artist

the most amazing young woman……from her sparkling personality to her effervescent smile and let’s not forget the incredible head of hair ( I mean, have you EVER seen more gorgeous hair?!)
it was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you. here is your preview;)

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