kristi hedberg photography – when life gives you lemons | asheville photographer

keep your fingers crossed that they are in the form of this sumptuous new meyer lemon scented candle……..even walking in out of the snowy mess outside of my home, I feel as if I have stumbled into a citrus grove deep in the heart of central california. just heavenly.

found at one of my longtime favorite asheville shops, the gardener’s cottage

kristi hedberg photography – magical | asheville lifestyle photographer

10 inches on the ground, and possibly 6 to 8 more to come tomorrow……it was just magical today. The first of these were taken after about an hour and a half of very steady snowfall this afternoon, and the last, outside in the incredible quiet that befalls a neighborhood after a dumping of snow…..and after 10 pm. I was handholding them at a second or more, so there is a bit of blur…….but again, just magical

2010/01/30 - 8:17 am

lara - wow kristi — so beautiful and you are so right — MAGICAL!

2010/02/01 - 1:31 pm

amy - beautiful! glad the snow came around again for y’all to enjoy. hope you are staying warm 🙂

2010/02/07 - 1:26 am

mel - These are amazing. So beautiful, it looks like something out of a movie, to lovely to be real.

2010/02/10 - 10:27 pm

Tracy Waldrop - These are GREAT of your daughter!

kristi hedberg photography – designer | asheville commercial photographer

i had the opportunity to hang out at the most inspiring house today, while photographing products for the owner’s company……..some people just ooze style!

A few sneak peeks

2010/01/20 - 8:29 pm

Bev - Oh my, these are gorgeous…

2010/02/11 - 1:23 am

Michele - I LOVE these!!!! (oh, love your new blog background, too)

kristi hedberg photography – fog | asheville photographer

as I was driving my youngest home yesterday, we passed through this section of our neighborhood, just as the fog was beginning to form as the relative warmth began to slide away, and interacted with the cool of the streams and ponds that dot the landscape. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me, but dashed back home to grab it. By the time I returned, the fog had risen considerably……but the light was still so amazing. Winter is long from over, but the day we had yesterday gave us all a little something to hold onto to tide us over until spring arrives.

2010/01/18 - 12:13 pm

Asheville Now - These are beautiful images. Have you thought about sharing them to support an important part of our communtiy.

Our VOICE 10th Annual Survivors Art Show Seeking Works of Art. Please take a look.

And thanks for sharing.

2010/01/18 - 6:59 pm

Justyna - Gorgeous! I took some of winter today. Maybe I will post them too,.

2010/01/20 - 8:30 pm

Bev - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

2010/01/21 - 10:06 am

ashley - Amazing, Kristi. Your talent floors me – now matter the subject, you seem to capture it at its best instinctively:)

2010/01/25 - 11:44 pm

Danielle Hobbs - Wow….. just WOW….

2010/02/17 - 2:10 pm

mirka - omg’sh!!!! IIIIII looooove these!!!

kristi hedberg photography – family book | asheville family photographer

a peek inside a recent favorite book design….just loved meeting this wonderful family, and I was given complete artistic freedom in their book design was so much fun! Thanks Tricia and Tom!

the cover

2010/01/10 - 9:32 pm

tanya warpula - What a fantastic session! I love what you’ve done with the clouds & all your textures. Amazing!

2010/01/11 - 11:00 am

Tracy Waldrop - LOVELY!!

2010/01/17 - 8:41 am

Whitney Gray - Beautiful shots, Kristi!! And I’m sure the album is going to be amazing!

2010/01/18 - 11:44 am

beverly - this is just a gorgeous series of images, Kristi. i just love all the family shots and your book design – clean and classic… and i am always so in love with how you use textures in your images.

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