kristi hedberg photography – family book | asheville family photographer

a peek inside a recent favorite book design….just loved meeting this wonderful family, and I was given complete artistic freedom in their book design was so much fun! Thanks Tricia and Tom!

the cover

2010/01/10 - 9:32 pm

tanya warpula - What a fantastic session! I love what you’ve done with the clouds & all your textures. Amazing!

2010/01/11 - 11:00 am

Tracy Waldrop - LOVELY!!

2010/01/17 - 8:41 am

Whitney Gray - Beautiful shots, Kristi!! And I’m sure the album is going to be amazing!

2010/01/18 - 11:44 am

beverly - this is just a gorgeous series of images, Kristi. i just love all the family shots and your book design – clean and classic… and i am always so in love with how you use textures in your images.

kristi hedberg photography – Breck Girls | asheville family photographer

If you are old enough to remember…..and I am…..the old Breck girl commercials, then the photos of these girls might spark memories of those somewhat painterly images of the girls with the golden hair…..The woods we photographed in are now snow packed and probably won’t be suitable for shooting in again until spring. The ground gets that trampled look after a snow, so our timing and weather were perfect. Mom wanted to surprise dad with a few images for Christmas….knowing he reads this blog, I have been holding back on posting, but now I know….he received them a little early so I won’t be ruining any surprises. He is one lucky dad, don’t you think?!

2009/12/24 - 8:08 pm

Tracy Waldrop - Beautiful job Kristi!!

2009/12/26 - 8:42 pm

Vickey Weiss - beautiful images!!!

2010/01/02 - 6:46 pm

Bev - Scrumptious work Kristi.. Truly beautiful!

2010/01/02 - 9:18 pm

wazari - Sweet and lovely, I really enjoy browsing through your blog, about this picture, I really love the environment, it was so beautiful and make perfect backdrop.

kristi hedberg photography – california dreaming

It’s been a bit too long between posts for me… decided it is time for a few personal travel shots. Love these special days with my family!

2009/12/27 - 9:14 pm

MIchele (Pinkle Toes) - Stunning. And your girls…stunning, too!

kristi hedberg photography – thanksgiving | asheville photographer

just a few quick shots from my niece’s visit on Thanksgiving…she is SO cute!

and in the last image, with my mother in law ( who will likely hate this photo of herself……but I think she is beautiful!)

2009/12/05 - 8:48 am

Justyna - What a great looking family! I love it how your daughters tend to dress so nicely, not always typical t-shirt & jeans teenager outfit. Who’s with you in the last photo?

2009/12/06 - 9:42 am

Terence Kearns - Gorgeous family!

kristi hedberg photography | asheville portrait photographer

For the past semester, M has been working on her senior project all about photoshop and the ramifications that the powerful program can have on the developing sense of self amongst teens….well today’s mentoring session, found M being in front of the camera, and then in front of the computer as we tweaked and ‘artified’ the few images we took earlier today. Today’s session found us off the normal path of cloning, liquifying and the other major “fix it” tools we have been discussing, and instead found us experimenting with background, lighting, crops and texture overlays…….she really is this cute naturally!

2009/12/01 - 10:07 pm

lara - what a STUNNING girl….

2009/12/02 - 11:00 am

mirka - omg the last pix … she looks like ashley simpson!

2009/12/02 - 11:07 pm

Tracy Waldrop - Please let me mentor. If you can make me look that good in the fur, let’s do it!!!!

2009/12/03 - 6:37 am

Bev - Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Model and shots!

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