snow white and her baby sister | asheville child photographer

Mom had described her daughters to me over the phone while discussing options for their clothing…..”they both look like Snow White…dark hair and dark eyes.” I have to admit though. Even though I had been prepared, I let out a gasp when I saw these two beautiful little girls and their heads full of dense, dark wavy hair and translucent skin……just as she described. Not only were they beautiful, but just a lively and precocious and well behaved as one could imagine too. Wasn’t I , once again, the very lucky photographer. Thanks, R, for the opportunity to spend the morning with your lovely daughters. Here is your sneak peek!
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2009/06/23 - 11:04 pm

gwyneth colleen - i want that frothy leopard-print skirt! you did a great job. these are beautiful!

2009/06/24 - 6:11 am

lara - I can see why you gasped Kristi. They are stunning… and your images are equally as stunning…

2009/06/24 - 7:20 am

marta - These are stunning Krisiti. Love all of them but the color in the first one made me “oooooh”! :)

2009/06/24 - 11:22 am

Margi - Miss Kristi – another absolutely amazing job!

2009/06/24 - 11:51 am

Debbie Moore - I always love to see pictures of my beautiful granddaughters, these are wonderful! I especially like the one of the sisters from the back walking and holding hands. Nana

2009/06/24 - 7:17 pm

Michele - LOL, you’re so right, K! Well, stunning girls and stunning images! Well done!

2009/06/25 - 1:34 pm

Ruby - Kristi,

WOW-I can’t wait to see the rest of these-thanks for your fantastic work!


2009/06/25 - 2:23 pm

Lorie Valentino - I have the most beautiful nieces in the world! What lovely photos!

2009/06/26 - 8:56 am

Jen - The girls look beautiful!! Kristi, you are very talented!! Would love for you to photograph my kids.

2009/06/27 - 9:30 am

Poppy - Beautiful pictures of two beautiful Girls.

2009/06/29 - 12:04 am

ashley - So gorgeous, Kristi! Love this session and these beautiful little cherubs;)

2009/07/01 - 6:06 pm

Terence Kearns - Absolutely beautifully captured. Beautiful post-production.

2011/10/16 - 9:18 pm

asheville senior portrait artist, asheville senior portrait photographer | Kristi Hedberg Photography - [...] White, part two! It had been a couple of years since I had seen these two beauties and this time, we even got dad involved! What fun we had…..these two little lovelies are the [...]

maverick | asheville dog photographer

I just loved this session……dogs are my thing. I love playing with them, cuddling them, and photographing them for certain! I had the pleasure of capturing the lovely relationship shared between Maverick and his mom and dad……they are just the neatest people. Thanks for having me!

2009/06/22 - 10:59 am

Kimberly Kyle - Oh goodness!!! Please come visit us in Augusta and take our Cooper’s pics…I seriously want family pics of all of us with him. He is the best! You would just eat him up!

2009/06/22 - 11:44 am

amy boring - oh you know I love this!!!

2009/06/22 - 11:56 am

marta - I love it! I am so happy tht you are doing these! Remember that I have crazy dogs here for practice ;)

2009/06/22 - 12:07 pm

lara - kristi these are SOO great!!!!

2009/06/22 - 7:01 pm

Debbie Lynn - Hi Kristi, I was just looking through your latest creations. You have some amazing images.
You continue to inspire!

2009/06/22 - 7:03 pm

Debbie Lynn - OH………YOU LOOK FABULOUS IN A TUTU! What fun!

only the finest places | asheville family photographer

Don’t ever let it be said that I don’t take my clients to the nicest places……well this was a beautiful spot, and yes, it was nice….nice enough that there was quite a crowd there, only the crowd was of the reptilian kind ! The only thing was, I was knee deep in the water, and the Becker family were out in the middle of the water, when the three water snakes basking/cooling themselves in the waterfalls were discovered…Yikes! They were harmless, but let’s just say we completed this portion of the session rather quickly…then hightailed it out of there!
Snake number one
Image taken near snake numbers one, two and three…can’t you just tell how brave they are, lol

Thanks again all…..always an adventure photographing your family! Last time fleeing the thunderstorm, and this time….well, I consider a sighting of three snakes to be an adventure:)

2009/06/22 - 11:00 am

Kimberly Kyle - Scary!! That snake looks huge! Glad you got the shot though. :-) Beautiful family.

a most important day | asheville portrait photographer

it’s a generational thing…….the dress was worn by her grandmother, her mother, her aunt, her cousin and now her. I may have even missed someone along the way. Mom wanted to be certain to commemorate the event in a way that spoke to this lovely young lady’s personality. The formal portraits were done….now for something a little more relaxed. Here are just a couple as a peek

2009/06/25 - 11:01 pm

Brenda - What a fantastic job you did in capturing this very special event. The photographs ar exquisite and very natural. Timeless! Thanks Kristi.

going to the dogs | asheville family photographer

Have you ever seen a party poodle? Have you ever seen a party poodle pose? This is quite possibly one of the funniest pet images I have personally ever taken….I did NOT place him like that…just led him over to the steps and that was how he perched…. Big dogs are just the greatest..img_2335
This session was actually for the two brothers, but we had to get Max and Moxie their two adorable dogs in the action as well. Little Moxie was pretty fragile that day, but she perked up significantly once the treats came outimg_2367bw
and here are a few more for momimg_2207kyle
and of course…brothers have to clown for the camera just a bit

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2009/06/22 - 12:11 pm

lara - OH MY GOODNESS! that first shot is hysterical kristi! so awesome! and wow — those boys are handsome! looks like it was a great shoot!

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