kristi hedberg photography – urban family | asheville family and dog photographer

Whenever I get the chance to photograph this family, I am always thrilled because they are completely up for anything I throw at them. Mom ALWAYS does a fabulous job with the clothing ( just LOOK at them!!) the boys are always a dream, dad is a complete trooper, hauling furniture and anything else I might need help with…..and now….th pot has been sweetened because they have this ADORABLE new basset hound pup. yes, I thought it could not get any more perfect….and then it did.

It was pouring rain, but we stayed high and dry under the safety of an undisclosed, yet as you can see, luxurious location! I would love to do more urban family sessions…..but just have to have some willing participants! Here is a peek of what we captured!

2009/09/27 - 3:27 pm

nicole - I love them all, and especially the one where you have a fisheye look to it! Great job!

2009/09/28 - 12:12 pm

amy b - love. as always. they should be very pleased. :)

2009/09/28 - 6:50 pm

Jennifer Lynes - Great pics!

2009/10/04 - 10:15 pm

Michele - #1 You’ve been busy.
#2 Lovin’ the fisheye pic.
#3 Seriously, when are we ever going to get to meet in real life?

2009/10/06 - 10:46 pm

Heather - Efoortless? it all you! ADD some of the B&W….. YOU SURE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING ! YOU ROCK IT!

kristi hedberg photography – effortless | asheville portrait photographer

these, too, will speak for themselves. effortless beauty.

2009/09/23 - 11:13 pm

amanda thiessen - these are really beautiful

2009/09/25 - 8:32 pm

lara - kristi… these images are so real and beautiful….

kristi hedberg photography – Bull Moodle | asheville dog photographer

get ready for an assault of cuteness!! They have dubbed her a Bull Moodle…..Bull Mastiff crossed with a Standard Poodle, and she is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. This marked the first time I have attempted bringing someone else’s dog back to my studio, and in my infinite wisdom, I decide to embark on this experiment with a four month old pup. Yep, you read that right. She is only four month’s old, and you can see how big she is already in relation to my gold chair. Actually, given that my home is overrun by smells of my two furry girls and all sorts of distractions ( like not having her mom around, nor her two sisters!) little Cali did exceptionally well. Her tongue hung out a lot ( she was worried) and she did try to make a break for it by jumping in my hubby’s car ( yeah…it was parked in my glamorous ‘studio’) but all in all….she charmed me with her adorable nature….and I bet she will charm you too. Get a load of that tail, would you?!

2009/09/23 - 4:41 pm

nicole - awwwww….could she be any cuter? love that last one!

2009/09/23 - 5:33 pm

lara - love. SOOOO SOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009/09/28 - 12:13 pm

amy b - awe!! LOVE!!

kristi hedberg photography – crazy green eyes | asheville headshot photographer

I will actually write very little about these images….because once you get a tiny peek at the first one, you will immediately be so distracted, you very well will not read another word. Green. Eyed. Gorgeousness!

2009/09/19 - 6:08 pm

Charlene Fidelia - OMG MRS. HEDBERG!!! These pictures loook amazing!! I love them!

2009/09/19 - 8:27 pm

Aseel - WOW. You were right…I can barely keep reading. Those images are stunning, and so are her eyes. Beautiful! I love your lighting in the 4th one – very unique.

2009/09/20 - 10:48 pm

Bev - Wow. This girl is gorgeous but your lighting is over the top!!

2009/09/21 - 9:19 am

Leigh Taylor - She is insanely gorgeous!! You did a great job hun!

2009/09/21 - 10:28 pm

Heidi Geagan - I’m just grateful to be able to say that I knew you both before each of you became famous.
Charlene, you are on your way into the world of modeling and Kristi, amazing work, once again.
Just gorgeous…truly.

kristi hedberg photography – my newest book! | asheville portrait photographer

I always love it when the Fedex truck drops off orders….today it was my newest book order. I love these books, and wish EVERY client got one ( the little secret part is that they take me forever to layout and put together…but I love the resulting product so much!) here are just a couple of images!

an inside spread

the cover

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