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As we prepare to take a few quick images of this lovely artist, and my very dear friend, she gathers up a bunch of crayons and takes a giant sniff of them. Flashing her trademark brilliant white infectious smile she remarks…….”Mmmmm. Don’t you just love the smell of crayons?! That smell just brings back so many of my fondest childhood memories.” It is just that magical sense of wonderment, attention to the tiniest detail, and fascination with the world around her that make Heidi Geagan so incredibly adept at capturing the essence of a person in a painted portrait. And many times, these portraits contain lots more than paint. The aforementioned crayons find their way into these one of a kind creations.Heidi

I have been so excited to finally have images to post to accompany this fantastic announcement. Heidi is teaming up with me to offer one of a kind artistic interpretations of images from your photo session! She just completed this incredible mixed media work of my oldest daughter, painted entirely from a photo I took of her last summer.

Whether you are planning to have a portrait session in the future, or just have interest in having an image painted from a previous session, please email me for all of the details.

2010/03/01 - 8:33 pm

Sondra - Kristi, that is GORGEOUS!! Your clients are going to LOVE having the option to do this. What a unique idea!

2010/03/02 - 6:29 am

Whitney Gray - WOW! That’s beautiful!! What a cool idea!

2010/03/02 - 10:01 am

Michele - oh wow!!!! Wow!!!!

2010/03/02 - 1:03 pm

lara - Love this idea! the 2 of you are both very talented artists and will make a good pair ;).

2011/08/07 - 6:27 pm

Chrisitne Johnson - This work is as impressive as the artist herself. I am in awe.

kristi hedberg photography – you’ve come a long way, baby | asheville headshot photographer

I’ve now known Debbie for just over two years. She first came to me to document the progression of her battle against cancer….specifically, she called me because she was about to begin losing her hair, and it was longer than it had ever been before, so she wanted to document it. We just connected in that first session, and became such great friends. I was lucky enough to follow her progress over the last two years, progress that has brought her to the bright, beautiful, healthy woman she is today. Through it all, she never lost that gorgeous smile, or positive spirit. What a blessing she is to all who meet her. Today, we spent the day capturing some new headshots for some exciting new ventures she has coming up. Debbie, I am just so lucky to call you my friend. Here are your images!

2010/02/21 - 1:16 am

Justyna - Simply stunning! Both the lady and the images!

2010/02/21 - 1:26 am

julie browne - Hi Kristi,
what a beautiful lady..thanks for sharing. My best friend was diagnosed last week with breast cancer. I will show her this..
xoxo thanks for sharing. she is beautiful!! she shines! so do you.

2010/02/21 - 11:21 am

beverly - she’s got style, she’s got class – she’s beautiful!!! and of course you are one fabulous photographer! 🙂

2010/02/21 - 6:10 pm

Margi - These are incredible pictures of a very beautiful woman. And I would love to see some of the bald pictures as well. I think a friend’s mother needs to see them too!

2010/02/22 - 9:51 pm

Debbie - Kristi,
Words cannot express how much I appreciate your friendship during the most challenging part of my life. You were and are a gift to me.
The pictures you took before, during and after have helped me emotionally through this experience in ways you will never know.
You have supported me and lifted me at times when no one else could have given me that care. Your friendship and your talent have been a blessing to me. I am forever thankful. db

2010/02/28 - 3:42 pm

Whitney Gray - She’s absolutely beautiful! I think it’s great that you documented her journey!! Amazing shots, Kristi!

2010/02/28 - 9:34 pm

softservegirl - thank you for giving your time to document Debbie. Her photos are so beautiful and show such positivism and hope during a time that works against the very grain of who a person is while going through chemo. I am sure the experience has brought you to a different place – as well. how can you not be moved into a new space as a person. thank you!

2010/03/06 - 11:42 am

Mick Black - I’ve got to know Deb through Flickr and your wonderful photographs.

She has been a wonderful inspiration and help to me when I was recently diagnosed and continues to be so.

Her words to me fit your pictures like a glove.
Thank you,

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would you like to live forever? just one of the thought provoking topics that pops up in Table Topics our nightly dinner time diversion. I have to say, we have owned this game for a few years now, and played it sporadically ( I have a collection of the teen version, family and family gathering versions) but with the onset of the relentless winter weather, and the increase of family members eating at all different times and in all different parts of the house, I decided it was time to bring em all back to the table, and this little cube provided just the temptation. We have had more fun over the last several nights talking , laughing and learning more ( sometimes more than we wanted to know, ha!!) about each other. I strongly recommend picking one of these up…….and then….using them. You will be so glad you did.
table topic blog

2010/02/18 - 5:58 pm

Justyna - Awesome!!! I just bought the kids version. $10 free shipping. Thanks for getting me to spend $$, LOL.

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I just hate it when two things happen, 1) I start craving homemade cheesecake and 2) cream cheese goes on sale at harris teeter…….it’s like the perfect storm. all of my excuses go out the window. last night, I succumbed to the call of the cheesecake recipe, nestled safely within the pages of my barefoot contessa cookbook and made a near perfection cheesecake ( yeah, I am in one of those humble moods today). so maybe I should wait to start the P90x workout……

2010/02/04 - 3:11 pm

nicole - is there any left? if so, can i have some?

2010/02/04 - 3:40 pm

Danielle Hobbs - ** DROOL ** Wowza!

2010/02/07 - 1:28 am

mel - So yummy! You certainly have a gift for food and product photography.

2010/02/10 - 10:26 pm

Tracy Waldrop - But it looks so yummy!

2010/03/01 - 12:17 am

Tom - Ha…Go and sin no more…hard to resist a wonderful cheesecake K

kristi hedberg photography – when life gives you lemons | asheville photographer

keep your fingers crossed that they are in the form of this sumptuous new meyer lemon scented candle……..even walking in out of the snowy mess outside of my home, I feel as if I have stumbled into a citrus grove deep in the heart of central california. just heavenly.

found at one of my longtime favorite asheville shops, the gardener’s cottage

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