kristi hedberg photography – enlightening | asheville artistic portrait photographer

an amazing location. an amazing model. and lots of fun lighting techniques

2010/03/04 - 9:36 am

lara - absolutely stunning.

2010/03/07 - 5:04 pm

MIchele (Pinkle Toes) - wow, K! So beautiful! Was this a workshop?

kristi hedberg photography – anna | asheville headshot photographer

when the snow began to fall, and we were fearing that our session might not happen, anna and i had a multi text back and forth trying to decide what the plan should be…..and neither one of us wanted to settle for skipping it, since we had so much fun last time! so, we persevered. airlines did not arrive, heat did not rise, but anna still managed to exude that quiet calm that comes from a place of great contentment, in a life she has worked very hard to recreate. she is one of those remarkable women who knew she was not paying attention to her inner voice a few years ago, and decided to grab the bull by the horns and settle for nothing less than repositioning her life GPS. anna has recently launched a website designed to help other women involved in the field of health care realize how important self care is, in order to be truly caring for others. i think it is a remarkable idea. in honor of this new venture, a few new snowy day photos ( indoors!) to celebrate!

2010/03/04 - 9:54 am

lara - I promise i’m not stalking you with all my comments today — but i’m blown away by the amazing job you are doing with these women! Your pictures make me feel like i know who they are. These images are so wonderful — the color, the vibrancy… She looks like such a well put together professional woman!

2010/03/04 - 11:51 am

nicole - wow, these are all amazing….love the colors, all make her eyes just jump out!

kristi hedberg photography – a little bit english | asheville headshot photographer

elaine is one of those gems with that perfect british accent….the kind you could listen to all day long….AND….the things she says with that accent usually have me convulsing with laughter! what a bright spot in anyone’s day to encounter her. she is also a perfect photography subject, who instantly relaxes the moment i lift up the camera. i give to you, the lovely, elaine…

2010/03/03 - 9:47 pm

beverly - wonderful!! i especially like the last one – she looks so relaxed.

2010/03/04 - 9:44 am

lara - these are all lovely! the last 2 are so relaxed and lovely — she looks like such a warm and friendly lady!

2010/03/25 - 9:28 am

mirka - girl if this is your studio Im jealous!!! lol
all fabulous!

kristi hedberg photography – pure joy | asheville headshot photographer

this is the second time that I have had the opportunity to photograph this lovely woman……..and each time, I sit here grinning from ear to ear while editing her images. it is that crazy, happy, joyful smile and those sparkly blue eyes, you just cannot help but find yourself smiling back at her! that is who she is as a person too. happy.
i might also add that she has fairly recently launched a fabulous business for helping folks learn to effectively navigate the waters of social networking, and reap benefits for your business as well. check out her blog, time rescuer
and for the record, i LOVED the snow series, em. great to see you again!

2010/03/03 - 8:30 pm

Ursula - These are truly lovely, Kristi – nice work! I look forward to meeting you on Friday!

2010/03/04 - 9:40 am

lara - these are lovely Kristi — i LOVE the snowy shots!! The second to last shot (with the blue sweater) is perfect — the color of her sweater, her eyes, her hair — PERFECT!

kristi hedberg photography – artist profile | asheville portrait artist

As we prepare to take a few quick images of this lovely artist, and my very dear friend, she gathers up a bunch of crayons and takes a giant sniff of them. Flashing her trademark brilliant white infectious smile she remarks…….”Mmmmm. Don’t you just love the smell of crayons?! That smell just brings back so many of my fondest childhood memories.” It is just that magical sense of wonderment, attention to the tiniest detail, and fascination with the world around her that make Heidi Geagan so incredibly adept at capturing the essence of a person in a painted portrait. And many times, these portraits contain lots more than paint. The aforementioned crayons find their way into these one of a kind creations.Heidi

I have been so excited to finally have images to post to accompany this fantastic announcement. Heidi is teaming up with me to offer one of a kind artistic interpretations of images from your photo session! She just completed this incredible mixed media work of my oldest daughter, painted entirely from a photo I took of her last summer.

Whether you are planning to have a portrait session in the future, or just have interest in having an image painted from a previous session, please email me for all of the details.

2010/03/01 - 8:33 pm

Sondra - Kristi, that is GORGEOUS!! Your clients are going to LOVE having the option to do this. What a unique idea!

2010/03/02 - 6:29 am

Whitney Gray - WOW! That’s beautiful!! What a cool idea!

2010/03/02 - 10:01 am

Michele - oh wow!!!! Wow!!!!

2010/03/02 - 1:03 pm

lara - Love this idea! the 2 of you are both very talented artists and will make a good pair ;).

2011/08/07 - 6:27 pm

Chrisitne Johnson - This work is as impressive as the artist herself. I am in awe.

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