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First of all, I don’t photograph weddings…..well, not often, and only under the most special of circumstances. A little back story on how I came to know Paul, Kim and Maddie…….it was, of course, through word of mouth via a friend. Kim called me last fall to ask if I would consider photographing their very small ceremony, ( Kim, fiancee, Paul, Paul’s daughter Maddie, and an officiant. I decided that sounded like something I could definitely do. Fall came, and circumstances were dictating waiting a bit longer, so we turned that session into a sort of engagement session. Immediately upon meeting the three of them, I knew there was a special dynamic I was bearing witness to. The caring, the thoughtfulness, the concern for one another…… all I had to do was release the shutter and my camera magically captured all of that. Fast forward to spring, and the date that had been planned for the union. A simple ceremony it still was, but not without witnesses this time. Many friends and family got wind of the upcoming nuptials, and as I mentioned, these three have a way of capturing your hearts and you want to share and be surrounded by their joy, so they began to call and say “We’re coming!!! We want to witness this wonderful event.” It was still a small gathering, but so incredibly filled with emotion as each of these three made their commitment to each other. All I can say is this is a Sunday afternoon that will be forever etched into my mind, as a day when I witnessed a joyful celebration and happiness like no other. Kim, Paul and Maddie, bless your hearts for allowing me this privilege. A rather large preview of your day follows…..Oh,and let me not forget to mention the spectacular performance by Kim’s sweet dog, Bear, who was an exceptional ring bearer. He wandered through the adjacent wooded area a bit while the ceremony was taking place, and then promptly returned when needed, to lie on the ground near his family and also bear witness. Cutest thing ever….

2014/05/19 - 4:38 am

Cathy Wolfe - WOW Amazing Pictures!!! Looking at those photographs I felt like I was there. Beautiful Day. Beautiful Couple. Congratulations!

2014/05/19 - 9:58 am

Bill Copeland - Beautiful photos; the perfect couple!

2014/05/19 - 6:02 am

Sunday Grant - Stunning!

2014/05/19 - 11:18 am

Steven M. Jacobson - Very nice pictures! Beautiful. Great job.

2014/05/19 - 12:16 pm

Jennifer Strauss Lingle - What a beautiful moment!

2014/05/19 - 5:40 pm

Cheryl Fowler Wright - If I didn't know better I would think you hired them all for these pics. So beautiful!!!! The pictures are amazing!

2014/05/20 - 2:17 am

Jennifer Lee Farnor - Beautiful… just amazing

2014/05/20 - 11:11 am

Forrest Hogestad - All fabulous photos, beautiful. Well done Kristi

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