rhapsody in blue

talent like hers simply amazes me….the dedication, the perfectionist nature, and the resulting product that is nothing short of spectacular. my association with the lovely Dr. Hwajin Kim has been just such a pleasure. I have had the opportunity to photograph the cover of her cd, her family, and now her solo piano performance of Rhapsody in Blue with the Blue Ridge Orchestra. what a treat.
And just a note, as you might expect, all of the performance images, and backstage prep images had to be shot a very slow handheld shutter speeds, and high iso with no flash. Let’s just say I did a whole lot of breath holding while wielding the hefty 70 – 200mm lens.

2011/03/27 - 9:15 pm

Whitney - Hi Kristi- Great job on these! You did a great job with hard conditions. I bet it was a fabulous concert!

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