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No…this post has nothing to do with the movie, but everything to do with the photo sessions below. We shot until the sky was completely dark, getting the chance to do some fun things with lighting. I had a really great time reconnecting with a wonderful friend who I would never have met if it weren’t for my photography. It has been amazing how many new friendships have opened up to me via my involvement in it. From each new person, I learn something unique. In addition to those friends, I had the certainly enviable opportunity to photograph these great kids. Here is just a peek

2009/07/19 - 11:55 pm

amy boring - Good gracious. These are SO kick ass. All of them! that first and second one knocked my pants off!! I am not wearing socks so….

2009/07/20 - 9:05 am

beverly - kristi!!!! these are SOOOOOO fantastic!!!! i LOVE that 2nd one – the texture is to die for. and of course that first one you know i love.

2009/07/20 - 11:54 am

Margi - Once again, great photography and beautiful young people!

2009/07/21 - 9:59 pm

Carolina - Oh my! I love the second one. The sky is fantastic!

2009/07/21 - 10:54 pm

Kate Newsom - These are great scenes. My sister is in two of these so I may be a bit biased, but it really does seem that you are very gifted in capturing the unique beauty of a person. It’s difficult to take your eyes away from your work. Thank you so much.

2009/07/22 - 6:46 pm

Michele - These are so cool, K, and awesome use of texture!

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