Monthly Archives: September 2008

asheville by night

I had a few images I needed to get for a project I’ve been working on, and tonight just turned out to be the perfect night to do so……cool breeze, clear skies and a brilliant sunset. One of of our most beautiful buildings by twilight the incredible art of and the beautiful lighted norfok […]

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build it and they will come…….

Oh, wait. Different story. Anyway, for the past several days, my youngest has been studying about different types of models in science class. So, as a natural lead in, her wonderful science teacher decided to give them a bit of hands on work to further understand how models can be beneficial, say prior to commencing […]

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spreading their wings…..

As a parent, these are the days we both slightly dread, and yet also cherish…the day when our kids suddenly seem self sufficient enough to go out on their own….a little bit. I was fortunate enough to be invited to capture the wonderful bonds between this family a couple of days before the young adult […]

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