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sunset at the track | asheville event photographer

it was one of those nights…..where the clouds had three distinct dimensions to them against the cerulean blue sky. yeah, i admit it….i’ve been waiting a long time to use the word ‘cerulean’ in a post…i am kind of strange with words like that . unlike last week’s track meet, tonight’s had a gentle warm […]

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dress up…for real | asheville event photographer

This may not have been their first dressy affair, but from the excitement these girls were feeling, it may as well have been! A Valentine’s dance, with dressy as the description for the attire. Preparations began at our home: Hair, of course Makeup too ( such a fun thing at this age) And then they […]

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Toys!!!!! | Asheville Photographer

so i heard on the news yesterday morning that donations across the country are way down for Toys for Tots, the program run by the Marines…….so i started thinking. the girls and I always select several items from the angel trees every year, but had never participated in this program. with times being as hard […]

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is the best way to handle getting older. I had the most amazing day with my daughters on my birthday yesterday….the big 4-5! Warning……shaky hand held snapshots ahead! A new store called A Sense of Humor…loads of fun stuff!! Stylin’ in one of the hats…..a pose only she can strike! Sydney and pal Sarah One […]

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build it and they will come…….

Oh, wait. Different story. Anyway, for the past several days, my youngest has been studying about different types of models in science class. So, as a natural lead in, her wonderful science teacher decided to give them a bit of hands on work to further understand how models can be beneficial, say prior to commencing […]

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