kristi hedberg photography | asheville family photographer

its funny how things fall into your lap sometimes…..this beautiful momma helped me with a project over six years ago, and then just recently, our paths crossed again, not once, but twice over the course of only a few weeks. so happy to know such a beautiful family!

and the two images from when we first worked together and youngest was just a wee babe….

kristi hedberg photography | asheville dog photographer

my heart is firmly with oldies…..pups I mean. there is just something about the wisdom they carry in their soulful eyes and their need for someone to love them and care for them, that melts my heart every time ( see my work with the amazing Peace Of Mind Rescue in Pacific Grove, California for examples ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

this little fellow, eustice, is a little fragile and needs some special handling ( he has some spine issues) but more than anything, would simply love a forever friend to call his family. funny thing is, even though he has back issues, he sprints like a perfect little thoroughbred when on a lead. cutest thing ever….even my camera’s auto focus couldn’t keep up!

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