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Having the opportunity to spend just a couple of hours with these remarkable children, will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day….and possibly the rest of the week. My youngest, along with several other middle and high school teens, has the chance to be a peer mentor with kids involved in the P.E.P’s (progressive education program) soccer program. Once a week, they get to assist the kids with their game skills and warm up drills, and just being an extra voice of encouragement…..though most of these kids are so full of life and positive thinking, that they need no encouraging!
The smiles and pure joy that was evident on the faces of these incredible kids as they kicked, tossed and passed the ball….and that was just during the warm up….were so heartwarming. Once the game started…the smiles really lit up the place. The sense of achievement these kids obviously felt, the phenomenal support of the families (the sidelines were packed with relatives and friends!) the beautiful Carolina fall afternoon……this is the stuff great memories are made of. Thanks for letting me share it with you


Wow! I cannot thank you all enough for your incredibly positive response to my photography…….your kind words are truly appreciated and so flattering! thank you! I am now completely booked for 2008 photo sessions, with the exception of a little space for maternity and newborn sessions, and a few slots for seniors as well. For family or portrait sessions, I would be happy to put you on a waiting list, as sometimes things change. Please email me if you have interest and a specific need in mind. I just try to be very careful when booking so as not to overbook. Each session I take on requires a great deal of forethought and planning on my part, not to mention all that occurs after the session….the proofing, editing, posting of images and ordering process, so I try to not overbook. It is important to me that each of you receives the sames thorough attention as the next person.

With that being said, I am currently making appointments for 2009, and look forward to working with you!

One more from a recent session of mine……..I am just crazy about walking shots!


is the best way to handle getting older. I had the most amazing day with my daughters on my birthday yesterday….the big 4-5! Warning……shaky hand held snapshots ahead!

A new store called A Sense of Humor…loads of fun stuff!!

Stylin’ in one of the hats…..a pose only she can strike!

Sydney and pal Sarah

One of the many street musicians out and about yesterday…this guy was really good!!

and finally….some really neat roosters I saw at “Bloomin’ Art” (thanks for letting me photograph them! They do fantastic floral arrangements there!)

2008/09/21 - 12:37 pm

Paul Applegate - 45, year right. Try 32 😉

Glad you had a great time. Looks like an interesting store.

2008/09/23 - 4:01 pm

admin - Oh Mr. Applegate…you are always so kind to me! Thanks for the smile!

2008/09/25 - 6:54 pm

Ashley - Haha! Good to see yall – you wild ladies;-) And happy belated birthday!

if you know dad….. | asheville child photographer

…don’t say anything to him about seeing the mom and the kids pictured here…..the photos are a surprise gift for his upcoming birthday! But, I had to post a little sneak peek for mom . Hope you enjoy these, K! Thanks for having me help capture some great memories of these wonderful ages of your children .

2008/09/20 - 12:17 am

Michele - The lighting is just so beautiful here! And I can’t get over those beautiful smiles! Great session!

2008/09/25 - 6:55 pm

Ashley - Gorgeous! Dad is sure to love all of them!

2008/09/28 - 8:54 pm

Jennifer Mott - Oh wow!! These are just incredible! The light, the colors, your treatment, just perfect 🙂

2010/06/14 - 11:06 am

Brittani - Omygosh, they are stunning!!
Such gorgeous little girls, especially the first shot of the two of them together!!
aww, you did a great job!! love them.


the golden family

I really can’t even call this a job when I get the opportunity to photograph families like this……..their warmth and caring for each other, yes, even the boys with their playful jabbing……their incredible taste in dress for the session, and, wow….just look at them. A stunning family in so many ways. This family also always has access to the most ideal locations anywhere……always a pleasure. thank you for choosing me to capture these moments for you S and C……I appreciate it!

2008/09/18 - 6:47 pm

Jan - I love these. What a beautiful family and very nicely photographed! Wonderful.

2008/09/19 - 5:28 pm

Amanda - Amazing color, composition, clarity, and that family is SO beautiful!!
Great work Kristy.

2008/09/22 - 10:04 pm

Sam - OMG. These are INCREDIBLE. The boys are stunning, and I can see why…that mom in GORGEOUS!!!! Amazing work!

2008/09/22 - 10:10 pm

Danielle Hobbs - Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it — These are incredible!!! I love them all! Everyone looks amazing – they are such a beautiful family!! You are right – great style, too!

2008/09/22 - 10:21 pm

lisa - What a gorgeous family! These are all such beautiful images, I’m sure the family will love them.

2008/09/22 - 10:41 pm

tasha - GORGEOUS. i love of these Kristi.
you nailed this session. if i were mom, i would be agonizing over what to print!!! i would want them all large on my walls.

2008/09/23 - 12:18 am

Wynona - Oh, they all look beautiful, and mom looks so young! I really love the third one with the boy and the rich greens behind him and the one with the family and the weeping willows with that amazing light. Really, they are all beautiful.

2008/09/23 - 12:34 am

Fiona - Wow Kristi, these are completely stunning. I really love the one of all of them from behind and the one of all of them under the tree from afar. I wish I looked like that mum after three kids! They’re all fantastic!

2008/09/23 - 12:44 am

Lilia - Oh, my — these are so lovely! The light and emotions are amazing, and everyone looks so gorgeous!

2008/09/23 - 3:06 am

Alex - Wow, stunning images and what a beautiful family, i just love the image of the family under the tree, beautiful. If you weren’t so far away i’d get you to do my family.

2008/09/23 - 7:34 am

Lori - WOW! I love your work so much! I realy love that last walking shot!!

2008/09/23 - 1:30 pm

Lori - What an amazing session!!! Gorgeous family!!! Such awesome family shots! I especially love the last family shot of them walking…I have no idea how they would decide which ones to get! I would want all of those huge on my walls if it was my family!!!!

2008/09/23 - 2:20 pm

amy boring - wow…i stumbled across your blog and I must say this is one good looking family. I hope I look that good after three kids!!

2008/09/23 - 3:01 pm

Kim - Kristi,

I am such a slacker and trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs. This is such an awesome family series. I love your use of textures, perfect! They are all beautiful!


Ps. can I have the mom’s hair, seriously. I wish mine had that oh so perfectly tossled look. it’s sexy!

2008/09/23 - 3:33 pm

Ashley - Gorgeous, Kristi! In every way! These are so fantastic – how could you ever choose! They are a beautiful family and these are fabulous captures. Impressive as ever;-)

2008/09/23 - 3:54 pm

Laura (Tender Portraits) - Stunning images! The entire family is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job w/ all of these.

2008/09/23 - 8:38 pm

Allison F. - WOW. Those last 3 images (especially the family under the willow) make me wish I had family pictures like this. Gorgeous family!!! Nice work!

2008/09/24 - 8:46 am

Amanda - Such a beautiful family that you’ve captured so well in every shot!

2008/09/24 - 9:31 am

Lori Hand - these are fab! i love the family under the tree photo …just amazing!

2008/09/24 - 11:19 am

Tanja - These are all amazing! I just adore the one under the tree! Gorgeous work, Kristi

2008/10/08 - 8:53 pm

Kimberly Kyle - Man these rock!!! I would LOVE to have a family session like this. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous….

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