‘two’ much fun |asheville child photographer

we could not have asked for a more perfect morning, but a much less scary photographer for this little two year old would have been nice….poor little thing just did not trust me whenever i put that darn camera up in front of my face….i did get a few shots, but just a few. and her older sister was my instant pal. thanks for sharing your adorable daughters L and D….we’ll keep trying!

2008/10/27 - 6:24 pm

Charley Hine - These photos done took my breath away.

2008/11/19 - 12:49 am

ashley - Adorable girls! Wonderful autumn captures and color. Love them!

sweet baby james | asheville event photographer

What a fun evening! my very thoughtful friend, and chief asheville Obama-mama, Sarah Cecil called me with the most wonderful opportunity….would I like to be ‘the’ photographer for the VIP meet and greet at the James Taylor concert here in asheville. Yes!! It was an amazing concert and so much fun to meet this man whose music I have long loved.


2008/10/20 - 12:44 pm

Ashley - How awesome! Kristi, this is so cool and you did a fabulous job (of course!). I LOVE the 5th one down with all the beautiful lighting flares. Gorgeous. James never looked so good;-)

2008/10/21 - 1:28 am

Fiona - Wow! I’m soooooo jealous – I love love James Taylor. What an amazing experience. Great photos.

2008/10/21 - 9:33 am

Laura (Tender Portraits) - How cool! Well done on the concert series!

2008/10/21 - 1:51 pm

Margi - Love it love it love it!!!!
You are so talented.
Photography has always been a love of my own.
But clearly, you give it wings!

2008/10/21 - 2:03 pm

admin - Thanks, all! Margi you are so sweet!

2008/10/22 - 7:36 pm

Lala - That is so awesome! You rock!

love | asheville engagement photographer

you want to talk about a couple who were up for anything??? these are the two! what a fun evening it was being around this creative couple (they are both designers). i dragged them from place to place, had them change clothes in the middle of fields, lie in itchy grass and snuggle in tight little Volkswagens (ok…so I think they enjoyed that part)
H and J, it was so much fun….you have a wonderful chemistry together! Enjoy your sneak peek!!

2008/10/16 - 1:52 am

cherie yost - OMG!! these are great! I bet they love them!

2008/10/20 - 12:45 pm

Ashley - Oh my goodness. These are so awesome! How will they ever be able to choose! Love them.

2008/10/21 - 12:49 pm

belle - gorgeous work here!!!

2008/11/04 - 6:39 pm

Sara Mellander - I absolutely LOVE the one kissing in the bus! I just love your work in general but that is just a poster waiting to happen!

2009/02/14 - 1:56 pm

Samantha Uphold - Holy cow, girl. These are incredible!!!

2009/05/10 - 3:05 pm

green goddess | asheville photojournalistic wedding photographer » Kristi Hedberg Photography - […] joel she has truly found her soulmate. when i had the good fortune to photograph their engagement portraits last fall, it was more fun than i had ever had at a session. these two are just so easy […]

far flung fields | asheville family photographer

or maybe not! actually this field is very much right in town, and it provided a magical spot to showcase this beautiful family. next time….the guys are going to get to climb the tree…promise! Thanks R and J for sharing this time with me!

Here is a sample of shots from the afternoon

2008/10/14 - 2:45 pm

Lala - What beautiful kids…and the location! yummy! Awesome, just awesome.

little miss | asheville child photographer

the world is a complete wonder for this little miss! every acorn, pine cone, random apple, and of course, her beloved toy snake, are just a marvel to her. miss e is at that age where she is all business……as long as the business is finding out what that new little thing lying on the ground is, or that soft green stuff growing on the bench. A, thank you so much for having me come and spend time with you and your beautiful little girl….you are lucky parents…she is just a complete joy!

2008/10/12 - 10:04 pm

Amanda Trumper - My oh my, Kristi!!! These are just beautiful! What a gorgeous location!

2008/10/12 - 10:14 pm

amy b. - Nice work! What a cute little one. I love her wardrobe choices. Perfect.

2008/10/13 - 6:34 am

Kim - Kristi those are wonderful photos. I love the one of the little girl looking at you when she is standing by the chair, such a pretty little smile!

This is the age when it reminds us all how adventurous the whole can be. It’s really the first time most kids are experience the big world on their own. Reminds me of when my girls were that age and they would squeal with joy at flowers and little bugs. To us “adults” it’s business as usually but them it all brand spanking new! I am sure the family will cherish these memories forever!

2008/10/13 - 11:26 am

alpana - She is such a cutie! you did such a great job, Kristi.

2008/10/13 - 11:54 am

lara - kristi- the color shots are beautiful! but… both the Black and Whites you posted – WOW! super cute little girl too!

2008/10/13 - 11:58 am

Charley Hine - These photos done blew me away!

2008/10/13 - 9:08 pm

Justyna - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the girl. The outdoor images are dreamy.

2008/10/13 - 9:49 pm

Emily E. - Wow Kristi! All of these are stunning….she is a cutie pie too =)

2008/10/14 - 10:34 am

Lori Hand - Just love these! Love your style & color.. another great session.

2008/10/15 - 12:26 pm

Chris Wilson - Kristi, these are incredible! You are an exceptional talent. I am so impressed with the way you caught the child’s expressions with her activity. Of course, it does not hurt that she is my great neice. Excellent!

2008/10/21 - 12:16 am

Jocelin - What a beautiful little girl–fabulous pics!

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