kristi hedberg photography | carmel senior portrait artist

The light, the subject, the warmth… just couldn’t have been a more perfect evening to capture the beauty of miss N. Loved photographing her and can’t wait to see where life takes her!

kristi hedberg photography | carmel senior portrait artist

Effortless beauty in amazing surroundings……what a fun evening this was. I simply couldn’t decide which was more striking…..the images of you in black and white or color. Equally gorgeous in either process, but I am thinking my favorites are the black and whites. Here is your preview, D!

kristi hedberg photography | carmel high prom

Three beautiful friends, gathered for a few photos before their senior prom……..absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and so refreshingly unaware of just how lovely they each are. I hope it was a wonderful evening, ladies!

kristi hedberg photography | carmel dog photographer

Puppies!!! Lots and lots of adorable pitty puppies at the SPCA of Monterey County today, as well as some slightly more senior loveables. Gush…many stole my heart today!

kristi hedberg photography | carmel senior photographer

The earliest known example of cloth dyed using the Shibori technique, and ancient Japanese method, dates back to the 8th century…..thank heavens Leslie Butler is keeping the art alive. Here are just a few of her designs….stay tuned for etsy store link!

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