kristi hedberg photography – thanksgiving | asheville photographer

just a few quick shots from my niece’s visit on Thanksgiving…she is SO cute!

and in the last image, with my mother in law ( who will likely hate this photo of herself……but I think she is beautiful!)

2009/12/05 - 8:48 am

Justyna - What a great looking family! I love it how your daughters tend to dress so nicely, not always typical t-shirt & jeans teenager outfit. Who’s with you in the last photo?

2009/12/06 - 9:42 am

Terence Kearns - Gorgeous family!

kristi hedberg photography | asheville portrait photographer

For the past semester, M has been working on her senior project all about photoshop and the ramifications that the powerful program can have on the developing sense of self amongst teens….well today’s mentoring session, found M being in front of the camera, and then in front of the computer as we tweaked and ‘artified’ the few images we took earlier today. Today’s session found us off the normal path of cloning, liquifying and the other major “fix it” tools we have been discussing, and instead found us experimenting with background, lighting, crops and texture overlays…….she really is this cute naturally!

2009/12/01 - 10:07 pm

lara - what a STUNNING girl….

2009/12/02 - 11:00 am

mirka - omg the last pix … she looks like ashley simpson!

2009/12/02 - 11:07 pm

Tracy Waldrop - Please let me mentor. If you can make me look that good in the fur, let’s do it!!!!

2009/12/03 - 6:37 am

Bev - Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Model and shots!

kristi hedberg photography – on top of the world | asheville family photographer

What a perfect day to be perched high atop Reynolds mountain with the nicest of families…….crisp, clear blue skies, no wind, and all followed by a spectacular sunset. Oh and, in addition to all of the aforementioned beauty, wait until you see the three gorgeous daughters these two have raised…….um, did you ever see such amazing eyes?! And they all three have them! The youngest of the family is a senior heading off to college next year, so there were definitely some bittersweet moments as mom contemplated the all too soon to be empty nest……I have a feeling I might be calling in the not too distant future for advice on how to handle having a daughter go off to college!

Thanks for having me capture some memories for your family, T. It was a true pleasure getting to meet you after so long trying to coordinate college and family schedules! Here is your sneak peek!

2009/11/30 - 9:07 am

lara - wow kristi. Just wow…. they are all wonderful, but the last 2 shots just took my breath away!!!!

2009/12/01 - 12:14 am

staci - I absolutely love this one!!! I want one! lol!

2009/12/09 - 4:22 pm

Rebecca Clark - hannah you are gorgeous!!!!! and so is your family :)

kristi hedberg photography – holiday schedule

All orders for prints wishing holiday delivery must be in BY December 1st ( unless your gallery is set to expire later than that date)

Processing times get slower and slower as Christmas approaches so IF you are wanting your prints in time for Christmas, I must urge you to please place it with me as soon as possible, and prior to December 1st.

Also, I am currently taking reservations for sessions for 2010. And finally……a photo complete with a tear ( it was frozen to her sweet little cheek)

2009/11/29 - 6:29 am

Bev - This is gorgeous. I say this a lot with your work:)

2009/11/30 - 9:08 am

lara - this picture makes me want to hug her!!!!

kristi hedberg photography – kindness and gratitude

this is a personal post……to express how incredibly gracious and generous people are……..and how immensely I appreciate that generosity. A delivery person from Blossoms flower shop arrived at my door today, delivering the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen. It was a thank you from a friend and parent of one of my daughter’s teammates, for my ‘acting’ as the team photographer over the seasons……a ‘job’ I wholeheartedly loved. It was a most unexpected gift, but I cannot tell you how much it meant. I am truly, truly touched by this incredible showing of generosity.

thank you!

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2009/11/20 - 9:45 pm

jennifer suydam - hi kristi! i’m a new follower… i came upon your blog courtesy of a refer by michele anderson of pinkle toes! she’s right – your images are beautiful! i’m a photographer, too… in northern new york, actually. :)

well, i just wanted to say hi and that i absolutely love your work. stunning and very inspirational.

i will be following regularly! <3

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