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Asheville Pediatric Dentistry, and Dr. Jenny Jackson decided that a fun photo session of the entire staff might be just the perfect way to celebrate their second year as a practice. Their office is filled with a wonderful rainforest theme and would be just the kind of place every child would look forward to going to…..I so enjoyed meeting all of you, and especially Sybil and Travis ( the pugs:))

Here is your sneak peek!

And Dr. Jackson and her husband, Rick

2009/11/01 - 11:22 pm

beverly wright - wonderful! i just LOVE that last one of them and the little doggies… sweet!

kristi hedberg photography – bubbles and balloons – asheville family photographer

a beautiful night in my favorite field with one of my favorite families….these little guys were such fun, and even when I accidentally let four of the five red balloons go, they just took it in stride…..gotta love that kind of attitude! We started the night with a little duck chasing and finished with lots of snuggles and fun in the field

I’ll let the images speak for themselves….

2009/10/26 - 5:39 pm

lara - it looks like such a lovely evening….. so beautiful!

2009/10/26 - 5:52 pm

beverly wright - i just love this series, kristi! the treatments to the photos are just beautiful.

2009/10/26 - 6:32 pm

Bev - Oh my. These are gorgeous. I LOVE that duck chasing shot but I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite. Simply beautiful session.

2009/11/08 - 9:24 pm

heather - these are adorable! fantastic

kristi hedberg photography – gathering | asheville family photographer

the first time we had this session scheduled, early in the summer, we had all sorts of complications that caused us to have to reschedule again….which was no easy feat, as this family lives all over the country. Love to see a family that makes the time to be together with one another….no matter how FAR the distance

kristi hedberg photography – this is family | asheville family photographer

there is something so uplifting about being the one who is able to witness, and capture, the kind of love and connections that make a family what it is…….those tender touches, joyful smiles, warm laughter and just the ease of being in each other’s company…….I had the unequaled pleasure of being in the midst of the most amazing three people last night, you can just tell how incredibly close they are to one another… me goose bumps to look at these images. Grace, Kevin and W, I cannot thank you enough for sharing yourselves with me on such a glorious evening….here is your sneak preview of your images….and get ready, because I could not stop with just a few!

2009/10/21 - 9:24 pm

ashley - WOWZA! What a rockin’-great session! Kristi – I love all these – every one of them. You are so talented:)
Beautiful family too!

2009/10/22 - 6:39 am

lara - perfectly natural and engaging and beautiful, kristi!!!!!!!

kristi hedberg photography – Team Subaru – asheville commercial photographer

there is a difference between riding your hardest on a mountain bike or road bike in super cold weather, and standing in a field in sleeveless jerseys and shorts in cold weather……My money is on these women every time in the first instance….as for the latter, the strong cold wind and overcast skies combined to have everyone’s teeth chattering! They were the ultimate troopers though…..hanging with me while I adjusted their poses, and took image after image. Thanks ladies. You are the best.

Here is to an incredible 2009-2010 season!

Team Subaru

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2009/10/26 - 9:29 pm

Tracy Waldrop - Love the colors – great job as always!!

2009/10/28 - 5:56 am

Bev - There is a lot of strength in this group! Beautiful images.

2009/10/30 - 12:16 pm

ashley - Yes, lots of stregth indeed! Love the setting, Kristi. These are wonderful shots!

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