kristi hedberg photography – moccasins direct | asheville commercial photographer

brand new products for the folks at moccasins direct meant that I had the opportunity to photograph their lovely model again……in not such lovely weather! it was cold and she was a trooper! thankfully the day finally warmed up a bit, right as we finished.

2010/03/24 - 9:17 pm

Dottie Edwards - These are amazing…you are so talented!

2010/03/25 - 8:53 am

Yvonne - These are great! Love the ones of her in the car!

2010/03/25 - 8:59 am

Bob Rogers - Stylish…comfy. I love the look.

2010/03/25 - 9:25 am

mirka - love these!

2010/03/28 - 8:25 pm

amy - these are great! love the locations!

2010/03/30 - 12:30 am

ashley - I just love all of these Kristi! You are such a fabulous photographer:)

2010/04/07 - 10:06 pm

Michele - Flippin’ LOVE these, girl!!!!

kristi hedberg photography – dog days of spring | asheville dog photographer

so while photographing this little guy, I keep finding myself lapsing into my best Zsa-Zsa Gabor voice…….yeah, his name is Oliver….”Oli-vah”, you can just hear me, can’t you?
well this Oli-vah, was very intrigued by all the many sights, smells and sounds of these not-so-green (yet!!) acres.
here is his sneak peek!!

2010/03/19 - 12:02 pm

lara - oohhh how cute. i love the way you and your camera see dogs. its just such a perfect perspective!

2010/03/23 - 7:42 am

Yvonne - Oh my! So cute!!!!!

kristi hedberg photography – Colleen | asheville headshot photographer

I asked Colleen to give me three words to describe how she wants others to see her in these images……..those three words were

warm, relaxed, engaging

and I can tell you, my job was so easy, because those are the three things she exudes with absolutely no effort. I also have to add, that I have never, ever seen such a beautiful head of hair….my goodness, she is blessed with perfect thick gorgeous hair!

here you go, colleen!

2010/03/25 - 9:26 am

mirka - the second from the bottom… that location is amazing!!!! what is it?

kristi hedberg photography – ‘engineering’ joy | asheville headshot photographer

Isabella was so much fun to photograph….just perfectly exuberant and joyous. I would show her the images on the back of the camera, and she would break out into the biggest grin you’ve ever seen, so thrilled with what we were capturing….and I think you will agree, that joy certainly shows in these images. she’s a quilter, she’s an engineer, she’s a consultant, and she’s a mommy to a gorgeous german shepherd, she is the joyful Isabella!

2010/03/09 - 10:39 pm

Debbie - Kristi……… funny the first word that came to my mind when I viewed these photos was EXUBERANT!
Then I read your comments. Gorgeous, natural and so genuine, what a gift to have these photos.

2010/03/09 - 10:40 pm

Debbie - That woman can wear some glasses! I hope PRADA has her number 🙂

2010/03/10 - 11:43 am

Margi - Love these

2010/03/10 - 2:45 pm

lara - she DOES look so joyous kristi! LOVELY images….

kristi hedberg photography – just b | asheville headshot photographer

after only five minutes of talking with Tonya, you find yourself so excited about making positive changes in your life, you just can’t believe it……did she ever pick the right profession. This woman just exudes joy and positivity, and, um, did I mention that she is gorgeous as well? She remarked to me at the start of this session that she is a novice in front of the camera…….if that is the case, I certainly could not tell! Here is a sneak peek!

2010/03/09 - 8:01 am

lara - holy WOW! the shot where she’s standing with the artwork on the floor is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

2010/03/10 - 11:19 pm

Camille - These are GORGEOUS!! She is beautiful!

2010/03/18 - 6:18 am

Bev - These are GORGEOUS!!!!

2010/04/27 - 5:00 pm

The Velvet Trunk - WOW, these are just STUNNING. Tonya must have been beside herself. They’re beautiful!! =)


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