kristi hedberg photography – Classic beauty, and classical talent | asheville headshot photographer

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the lovely Mrs. Kim, who is not only a classic beauty but a tremendously accomplished pianist. What an honor it was to capture images for her forthcoming cd. Here are just a few

2010/05/24 - 2:24 pm

lara - these are so very lovely and sophisticated Kristi. really love the piano shot…

looking back – asheville family photographer

Just a look back at a few of my favorite images from a handful of sessions……so much fun to look back and be whisked away to the moments spent with these wonderful folks

2010/04/27 - 7:30 am

shalonda - WOW k i coudl seriously spend all day ooh’ing and ahh’ing through yoru website and blog and THIS collection is the perfect example of why! You truly do freeze the most special and fun moments for your clients! standing O for you hun! 😉

2010/04/28 - 8:28 am

The Velvet Trunk - I’m with Shalonda- I’m supposed to be working but am looking at your pictures instead. Love these shots- too many good ones to pick a favorite! =)

2010/04/28 - 6:54 pm

lara - just wow kristi! such beauty… and so many stories…. what an amazing set of images!

2010/05/01 - 3:43 pm

beverly - all just stunning!!!

2010/05/03 - 8:38 pm

Katie - Your work is sooo beautiful! Loved looking through the images.

kristi hedberg photography – Prom 2010 | asheville senior photographer

Warning….LONG post coming…well, lots of pictures anyway! My oldest daughter and her beautiful friends all went to prom together last night, and I got to be the lucky one to capture images for them! Here they are!

2010/04/19 - 8:31 am

lara - what absolutely stunning young ladies… wow!!!!! lucky you to got to photograph them, and lucky them that you got to photograph them!!!

2010/04/19 - 11:36 am

Caroline - these pictures are great. thanks so much for taking them!

2010/04/20 - 3:32 pm

Yvonne - What beautiful girls and dresses! I only wish I had portraits like this done from my prom – eons ago…

2010/04/27 - 11:51 pm

Michele - Okay. This post made me tear up, for many reasons. #1 – She looks so beautiful, K. She has grown into such a lovely young lady. and #2 I just realized that one day, I might be sending my own kids off to prom.

2010/05/01 - 3:45 pm

beverly - just wonderful!! and love the shoe shot…the pink converse shoes reflects a girl after my own heart. 🙂

2010/05/07 - 1:42 pm

Mindy Bean - I have to say I love the focus on the shoes. Especially the last photo. Great work.

kristi hedberg photography – windy! | asheville commercial photographer

the clouds were perfect, the sky was vivid blue, there was not any rain, but the little matter of gusts to 35 mph proved to be more than this crew from Dr. Keith Black’s orthodontist office could handle! Many of today’s subjects had fabulous long hair, so as long as I had the wind at my back, we were ok…..but let’s just say it made things challenging. Nothing like ducking in stairwells and snuggling up to brick walls to combat the elements! here is a sneak of both staff and patient images……I did not post everyone yet….that will be part two!

2010/04/11 - 11:48 pm

ashley - Fantastic, Kristi! They look wonderful:)

2010/04/13 - 7:29 am

Yvonne - These are great. Love the location with all the colors. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy!

kristi hedberg photography – moccasins direct | asheville commercial photographer

brand new products for the folks at moccasins direct meant that I had the opportunity to photograph their lovely model again……in not such lovely weather! it was cold and she was a trooper! thankfully the day finally warmed up a bit, right as we finished.

2010/03/24 - 9:17 pm

Dottie Edwards - These are amazing…you are so talented!

2010/03/25 - 8:53 am

Yvonne - These are great! Love the ones of her in the car!

2010/03/25 - 8:59 am

Bob Rogers - Stylish…comfy. I love the look.

2010/03/25 - 9:25 am

mirka - love these!

2010/03/28 - 8:25 pm

amy - these are great! love the locations!

2010/03/30 - 12:30 am

ashley - I just love all of these Kristi! You are such a fabulous photographer:)

2010/04/07 - 10:06 pm

Michele - Flippin’ LOVE these, girl!!!!

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