kristi hedberg photography | asheville senior portrait artist

The first time that I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful young woman, she was 11 years old ( see at the bottom of the post) Every time since, it has always been such an incredible pleasure…….your senior photo preview!

And way back in 2009!

kristi hedberg photography | oxford family photographer

So enjoyed spending a VERY hot evening with new friends in a sunflower field in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
There is no heat quite like the heat in the Mississippi delta. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kids with me sweet Leigh:)

kristi hedberg photography | asheville family photographer

I kind of feel as if I won the lottery every time this sweet family graces me with their presence in front of my camera…….so much love and so much beauty ( and handsome too, Paul!!) And this time, we even got sweet Anna in the mix. Fun sort of stormy afternoon….

kristi hedberg photography | asheville senior portrait photographer

I love it when senior season is in full swing! Lovely evening with Miss Lauren…..your preview!

kristi hedberg photography | asheville senior portrait artist

Katie, thank you for choosing me to capture this wonderful time in your life… was such a pleasure
your preview

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