kristi hedberg photography | asheville dog photographer

Be still my heart……some of the most lovable and amazing creatures were willing to pop in front of my lens at the Asheville Humane Society today…..Won’t you help them to find their forever home?
Meet multi colored Bonnie
Frisky little Farrell….that first image just made me smile…Harley, freshly covered in water droplets from the purple coneflowers he had been rooting in moments before
Tha “family” photo of George, Poppy and ROsie, all three came to Asheville Humane Society together after their owner passed awaySaintand the one who really stole my heart….Sweet TJ, who also had a spontaneous playdate with Bonnie

kristi hedberg photography | asheville yoga photographer

Asheville is quite the yoga mecca. We are so fortunate to have nearly every variation of yoga imaginable covered by incredibly talented instructors. When Baptiste instructors and owners of Go Yoga in Asheville, Cassie and JP McClellan decided to put themselves ‘out into the universe’ to be part of something ‘bigger than their own studio’, they partnered with the national organization of Yoga Rocks the Park to bring a way to showcase all that yoga in Asheville has to offer, to present it in an outdoor setting, to partner it with live music and to do it for six consecutive weeks. To say it was a rousing success is a bit of an understatement. Yogis of all ages and abilities poured into the City County Plaza week after week on what turned out to be consecutively beautiful Sunday mornings to partake in this sampler platter of sorts of yoga. Hats are off and thanks for organizing and supporting the event go to many…… local sponsor Wick and Greene Jewelers, Liquido Active, hot springs resort and spa, Unity Healing Arts, Manna Food Bank, Urban Dharma, Bob Moog Foundation, Beyond Coal, River Link, Asheville Yoga Center, Shoulder to Shoulder

A peek at the photographic record of the 9 weeks of yoga…..special thanks to all of the incredible yoga instructors who shared their gifts as well.


2014/07/30 - 7:47 pm

John Patrick McClellan - Thank Kristi Eidson Hedberg! You captured the essence of our intention- awakening to our connection to each other , to our highest expression of unconditional positive regard and our liberation through meaningful, playful collaboration. Namastplay Everyday Ya'll!

kristi hedberg photography | asheville family photographer

loved spending this beautiful and suddenly cooler evening with three of my favorite people…..soon to be four! Such a lovely family! And a budding photographer in the mix as well. Scroll down to see one of her very own taken when she took over with my camera 😉 Might possibly be my favorite of the session with the unusual crop.
Your preview…..

And T’s turn with the camera for this one….Love it!High fives all around!

kristi hedberg photography | asheville humane society

some weeks are harder than others to just pop in and take photos of the furry creatures housed in the loving confines of the asheville humane society……today was one of those days. my heart melted when I met Red and Ginger ( yep, Red…not Fred 😉 …..these two have spent their lives together but now have to be relocated……Keeping them together would be the best solution ever ( love their little rebel manner of sticking their tongues out). Then there is Keeper, who is quite possible the dog with the most alert personality and BEST posture I have ever seen! Next on my ‘sigh I’m in love,’ list was Zorro….the pink-nosed, brindle-coated mixture of many different breeds….He is a spectacular dog. Knows commands like sit and stay. He won’t last long. And then May, the bird dog with the big smile….and finally, the one that took the cake for personality. Steward. his gunmetal grey/blue coat and greenish eyes….ALL he wanted was to play with my squeaky toy. Sigh…what a love. If you can help these babies find their forever home, they would be forever grateful. Contact the Asheville Humane Society The pups say “thanks!”

Red 08

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