life is like a field of poppies……

ok, so that is not exactly how the quote goes. we just could not resist grabbing the tutus and heading out to this remarkable stand of poppies located just off of the interstate off ramp. love that our highway department sows these seeds.

2008/05/19 - 6:35 pm

Naomi - This are stunning Kristi, especially love the second to last, narrow dof one, but really i love them all. I want poppies!!!

2008/05/21 - 10:37 am

Marta - Wow, I must have missed all these!! I love them! The one of their backs dancing is just too cute. I so want to play in that field!

2008/05/31 - 11:14 am

Megan - FUN FUN FUN, #8 with the Poppies and the DOF, I would LOVE that big on Canvas! the parasol one too!

if I seem a bit nervous these days….

there is a reason…..this is the car that Sydney is driving a couple of days a week. where did the time go? I waited outside to get a photo of her actually driving it this morning, but the car had some mechanical problems….so I have to wait to ambush again next week. she is quite used to me doing this, and realizes that I simply must document these milestones in her life. such a good sport. in a nod to denying that global warming exists, I currently drive what could be confused with a school bus. yesterday, she decided that she needed to try to park it in the lot at the grocery store……now that was comical! I can’t even park it! all I can say is, enjoy your kids while they are little because you really do blink and it is gone….it’s why I love photos, and why I need photos.

2008/05/20 - 12:44 am

Michele - LOL. I can’t even imagine.

if I had a tutu….

and mom had a fisheye lens….hmmmmm

2008/05/10 - 8:49 pm

Debbie - Kristi, this picture is sooo creative with beautiful subject and composition. There are also so many creative commercial uses for a pictures of this type…I can think of about 10 off the top of my head!

2008/05/11 - 10:21 am

Marta - tutu cute….snort! I can’t wait to meet your daughters one day. They remind me of my Marta. She would totally rock a tutu in the grocery store! These are great!

2008/05/13 - 1:49 pm

Kim - how did you get above her to take the first photo? Hold it in the air and pray the focus was right? hehe. SO FUN!

2008/05/14 - 3:34 pm

Ashley McNamara - looove this! Love it! Totally adorable.

15 years ago today…..

she was a mother’s day baby. Wow, where has the time gone.

we started her day off with a quick birthday breakfast at Panera….you can only imagine how much we love this kid….

how excited is she to be 15?

the traditional kid choice for birthday dinner (though after last night, we are rethinking this tradition!)

and finally white cake with homemade caramel frosting (that is a tradition that will never be rethought!)

2008/05/11 - 7:37 am

Erica - Your daughter is beautiful Krisit! Happy Birthday to her and a Happy Mother’s Day to you! I love your new blog! 🙂
Erica 😉

2008/05/11 - 10:19 am

Marta - Happy B-day! The blog looks great!

2008/05/13 - 1:47 pm

Kim - all the images a wonderful!! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

2008/05/16 - 1:37 pm

Kristi Hedberg Photography » if I seem a bit nervous these days…. - […] is a reason…..this is the car that Sydney is driving a couple of days a week. where did the time go? I waited outside to get a photo of her […]

2008/05/20 - 12:44 am

Michele - Aw! Happy belated to her and congrats to you for being a mamma for 15 years!!!!!

2008/06/05 - 7:22 pm

Debbie - Kristi…when did the photography bug first bite you?

breast cancer

several months ago, I received a call from a woman who wanted to know if I could photograph her very quickly. She explained to me that she had just begun chemotherapy to battle a very aggressive form of breast cancer and was supposed to begin losing her hair any day…….I was so honored to have received that call. We met the next day and spent nearly four hours together photographing her hair in all of its’ glory.Not long after that we met up again, this time to photograph the physical evidence of what chemo had done to her……It may have taken her hair, but as you can see…… has not taken that fire out of her

2008/05/08 - 7:11 am

Kim - Kristi, The photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

2008/05/08 - 9:38 am

Michele - I so love this set and I’m so glad she did this and I’m so glad she chose you. She really is stunning!

2008/05/08 - 11:53 am

Ashley - I absolutely LOVE these images! Just fantastic. She is one beautiful, vibrant woman!

2008/05/08 - 12:10 pm

emily - Wow, what an amazing set of this beyond beautiful woman.
So glad you got to do this project, and show the world how beautiful this strong woman is!

2008/05/08 - 2:59 pm

Sandy - You did a beautiful job showing this woman’s courage, spirit and beauty! These are the kind of things that make what we do worthwhile. I will actually be photographing The Philadelphia Race for the Cure this sunday (Mothers Day) I do the race every mothers day, but this year I get to do a little more (can’t wait). keep up the inspiring gorgeous work!

2008/05/08 - 3:20 pm

Christine - What beautiful shots of her! I love them – and you’re right, she definitely has quite a fire!

2008/05/09 - 1:57 am

Karen - She is gorgeous and you did an amazing job at capturing her!!!

2008/05/09 - 3:27 am

Deanna - WOW…simply wow…what a stunning woman… you are right…you can see the life in her eyes… she is amazing…your images prove that…I love the textures on them all!♥

2008/05/14 - 3:38 pm

Ashley McNamara - Ok first let me just say..your rocking this looks awesome. Secondly, these are amazing..touching. I love it. That last one is my favorite.

2008/11/18 - 2:07 pm

Crystal - Beautiful picture and you are right- it doesn’t take the fire out of her.

I’m working on a composition for breast cancer and I’d love to use your pictures! =) with permission ofc.

My mother is like that. Lovely and still standing strong!

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