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So you need to update your business cards? Perhaps the website bio photo you’re using doesn’t quite represent you ‘today.’

My goal with every headshot session is to shoot the most striking and flattering image of you. I shoot for action, for honesty and for comfort in surroundings that will allow you to relax and open up. My goal is to get you to relax enough where we see the real you…..the natural smile that comes out when you feel great about yourself.

clothing and preparation

Everyone always asks…what do I wear?? And my answer is, “What is the one thing/color in your wardrobe that when you wear it, people always say, “Wow….you look great today!” Or…the one thing that when you wear it, your stride has a different feel to it, you are on top o the world…feeling special…feeling like you. That is the persona I want to capture in your images. That person who is feeling just fabulous about themselves. There are certain types of fabric that photograph better than others, and I love texture. I will say that solid white is one of my least favorite choices because it tends to draw attention to itself, and we want the attention to be on YOU! Fit is important. Bigger baggy clothing can sometimes not be too flattering….but super tight can also have it’s problems…so somewhere in between.

Start here….. What color are your eyes? That is a great place to begin choosing. I am blue eyed, and fair skinned, and anything in that blue/grey/brown area are my favorites and make me feel great about myself. Try stuff on at home, and drag a friend over and tell them to be brutally honest. Just make sure you have a variety of things, and though we will not use them all, we will sort through and come up with the best choices for you. Make sure you have a variety of necklines. I love accessories. Scarves, earrings, necklaces…..if they are too distracting, I will let you know.
Layering is always good, as long as bulk is not a concern – Guys, t-shirt, collar shirt, light jacket. Crew neck, v neck, and button down shirts also translate well.

It’s also important to do some research before you come in. I know you have paused while looking at a website or magazine and said, “Wow…I would love to have a shot of myself looking like THAT!” Tear it out and bring it with you…or email me a link….let me get into your head to see what images you have stored in there for your shoot. Think about how you want to be perceived. What message do you want to send to the viewer of your images? As I mentioned above, I really try hard to convey a sense of relaxation in the images, but if you are after a different feel, be sure to let me know. What type of shot are you looking for? (close ups,portrait, landscape, full body, 3/4ths) It’s totally fine if you have no idea, we’ll figure it out, but the more you know, the better.

Get your sleep the night prior to our shoot. Be sure to stay hydrated. When your mouth gets dry it is very difficult to find a nice relaxed expression, so grab a bottle of water to bring along, too. Have you ever cruised by a makeup counter and had someone tell you, “You might want to start drinking more water.” Dehydration is easy to spot in your skin ( trust me….I am not so very good at hydrating myself!) Your skin shows the effects of dehydration pretty darn fast…so drink up…water that is!
And finally. I want this to be fun for you. I hope to really connect because that is the difference between someone with a camera, and someone WITH a camera. Drawing YOU out is my job……..

questions? email me. let me help. I truly look forward to working with you.

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