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right after, “where should we shoot?” , “what should we wear” is inevitably the next question! with so many upcoming family and children’s sessions, i thought i might post a few things that recently caught my eye. of course, when thinking and deciding what to wear, first and foremost should be what speaks to you, or what represents you…it is great to have a spiffy new outfit, but if spiffy doesn’t even come close to resembling what you are all about, you’re not likely going to feel all wonderful in that type of get up. so, make certain that what you choose truly represents you, on a really good day. something that makes you grin from ear to ear, and makes you feel like a superstar.
Boden has to be my absolute new favorite retailer. i just love their colors and fabrics, and they have a sale going on right now 20% off and free shipping and returns! and isn’t it wonderful that kids can even indulge in a little mini boden. some of my favorites:
pink sundress
love the laceless tennies!!!
laceless tennies

alot of photogs will tell you no logos on t-shirts, but in my opinion….these defy that old ‘rule’!

ok…if i can find a client who wants to dress their son in this outfit with the guitar…..they are getting 2 free 8 x 10’s of their choice ON ME! ( that’s how much I love this outfit!)

a few things from jcrew

and for the men….

looking forward to many fun spring sessions!

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