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this past weekend, i had a little roadtrip of my very own, to visit a fellow photographer, Danielle Hobbs, and hang out with her at her newborn session. it was just great fun to watch her work, as she does loads of these newborn sessions, and so is a real natural at them. she certainly makes it look easy. thanks for letting me hang around, D! here are a few shots of you in action………
Danielle is expecting her own little newborn soon….she is just so at ease with these little babes.

so after the session was done, i started my drive home with gorgeous sun streaming in through the sunroof (aren’t there just days that you are so grateful for sunroofs?!). earlier in the day, while driving to the session, i had passed a couple of spots that just took my breath away, and made me wish i had a ‘model’ in my car with me to plunk them out into the aforementioned settings….but i didn’t, so a photo of just the spot was going to have to do. first the field with the most incredible wild grove of blooming bradford pear trees behind it…….i could just see a bride with her veil blowing in the wind here, can’t you?

after this first stop, it suddenly dawned on me, that there was no one in the car complaining about my stopping, in a hurry to get home or looking at me because i was crazy for wanting to drop down on my belly on the side of the road to photograph, this:
(ok…so perhaps there were some curious onlookers driving past!)
so once this realization took full hold of me, i vowed that i was going to detour, stop and/or back up to photograph anything that caught my fancy on that drive home……because after all…..this was MY time. hereafter i give you the sights that captivated me on my hour long drive ( that actually took about two and a half to complete due to the stops) on one of the most carefree afternoons i have had in a long time. yep……i really stopped not to smell the roses, but to photograph them….and it was just wonderful 🙂
kudzu gone wild
a lovely lane passed along the way
the orchards that will soon be in bloom! cannot wait for some sessions here!
keeper of the orchards, and my new friend 🙂
_mg_8939and keeper in the small family cemetary that has always caught my eye

2009/03/23 - 10:26 pm

Justyna - Gorgeous images!!!! I need to find some orchards myself.

2009/03/24 - 12:43 am

Melissa - I love the way you see things. I stop by your blog from time to time and especially when I need a fresh breath of inspiration. You have such a gift and I am glad you share it.

I love, love the kudzu covered house. Great work as always.

2009/03/24 - 10:49 pm

MIchele - How fun is this?! What a cool day you had and oh, that cottage and the orchard…LOVE. I just learned that Danielle and I are “sorority sisters.” 😉

2009/03/25 - 6:55 am

Danielle - OH MY WORD!!!! Stunning!!!! We are SO starting out at the first spot and driving to all the others… I would LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures at any of these spots!! Wow – These are really great Kristi – You have a great eye for locations!

Thanks for the pics of me working.. 😉 I think I look terribly silly, but it’s nice to have them.

2009/03/25 - 11:27 am

Sandy Edelstein - You really amaze me, is there any subject matter your not unbelievably gifted at photographing (me it’s just people, you it’s anything and everything). I think you need to start a new end of your business for fine art!

2009/04/01 - 12:10 pm

amy - Gorgeous – Love the keeper of the orchard and that amazing kudzu covered building. So glad you stopped and took the time to catch these!

2009/04/04 - 1:05 pm

elena wilken - these are just awesome! the field, the ‘haunted’ house, the lane, the orchard! beautiful shots! really enjoyed them 🙂

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