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some weeks are harder than others to just pop in and take photos of the furry creatures housed in the loving confines of the asheville humane society……today was one of those days. my heart melted when I met Red and Ginger ( yep, Red…not Fred 😉 …..these two have spent their lives together but now have to be relocated……Keeping them together would be the best solution ever ( love their little rebel manner of sticking their tongues out). Then there is Keeper, who is quite possible the dog with the most alert personality and BEST posture I have ever seen! Next on my ‘sigh I’m in love,’ list was Zorro….the pink-nosed, brindle-coated mixture of many different breeds….He is a spectacular dog. Knows commands like sit and stay. He won’t last long. And then May, the bird dog with the big smile….and finally, the one that took the cake for personality. Steward. his gunmetal grey/blue coat and greenish eyes….ALL he wanted was to play with my squeaky toy. Sigh…what a love. If you can help these babies find their forever home, they would be forever grateful. Contact the Asheville Humane Society The pups say “thanks!”

Red 08

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