if I seem a bit nervous these days….

there is a reason…..this is the car that Sydney is driving a couple of days a week. where did the time go? I waited outside to get a photo of her actually driving it this morning, but the car had some mechanical problems….so I have to wait to ambush again next week. she is quite used to me doing this, and realizes that I simply must document these milestones in her life. such a good sport. in a nod to denying that global warming exists, I currently drive what could be confused with a school bus. yesterday, she decided that she needed to try to park it in the lot at the grocery store……now that was comical! I can’t even park it! all I can say is, enjoy your kids while they are little because you really do blink and it is gone….it’s why I love photos, and why I need photos.

2008/05/20 - 12:44 am

Michele - LOL. I can’t even imagine.

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