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Shanna and her husband Corey are co-owners of Crossfit Asheville, and Shanna is also another of the amazing ambassadors for Lululemon. I so enjoyed photographing her during an actual workout…. Let’s not forget the incredible support Shanna receives during her daily workouts from her cheer squad ( albeit, they are often silently cheering whilst dreaming during naps!) of Lloyd and Hoka. Thanks for the opportunity. This was just a blast!

2013/01/28 - 7:11 pm

Shanna Duvall - Thanks Kristi Eidson Hedberg! It was great working with you as well!

2013/01/28 - 7:23 pm

Mike Peterson - To see how your body has transformed over the past few years through hard work and good nutrition is motivating. Damn. Keep it up! 🙂

2013/01/28 - 7:36 pm

Shanna Duvall - Thanks Mike!

2013/01/28 - 7:42 pm

Kristina de los Santos - You look beautiful, strong, and glowing (you have such pretty skin).

2013/01/28 - 8:02 pm

Ericka Riordan York - Wow, those pictures are awesome. What a great job capturing how amazing Shanna is!

2013/01/28 - 8:38 pm

Andrea Begley Lairson - Amazing! Beautiful and strong

2013/01/28 - 11:54 pm

Dawn Greene - these really show your beauty!

2013/01/29 - 12:03 am

Jana Kellam - Shanna, you look SO gorgeous and SO strong in these pictures… but what I love most is how much FUN you look like you're having! 🙂

2013/01/29 - 12:08 am

Amanda Clemmons Savage - Beautiful Shanna!

2013/01/29 - 12:22 am

Herbert Greene - Always enjoy these pic posts. Fondly remember my time and everyone's help!

2013/01/29 - 5:15 pm

Sarah Quaintance Roe - You are radiant my dear. I love how this photographer captured you and your lively spirit.

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