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This man lights up a room when he enters…..his is such an incredible energy. Another series of images from my recent work ( work??) with Lululemon and their ambassadors.
From Joe’s website:

“Joe shares with his students his unwavering mission as a yoga teacher, which is to impart how yoga deeply touches the mind, body and one’s perspective on life. Joe enjoys witnessing those blessed moments on the mat when a student connects to his/her individual beauty and experiences how the body is a vessel for the spirit’s journey. As a full time yoga instructor, Joe teaches weekly classes, teacher trainings, therapeutic trainings, Anusara immersions, workshops and offers private one-on-one instruction. Joe guarantees transformational fun.”

If ever you find yourself in the vicinity of Joe’s teaching… yourself a favor, and take a class or two.

2013/01/19 - 3:22 am

Joe Taft - kristi, These are amazing pictures. I want to buy some from you!

2013/01/19 - 3:28 am

Susanne Brunton - I am his wife and these are some of the most amazing photos of him. You truly have a gift, Kristi, for capturing people's authentic energy and the moment!

2013/01/19 - 10:48 am

Shakti Grace - I have practiced yoga all over the world and joe Taft is by far one of the best and certainly the most shining yoga teachers i have ever had the honour to practice with….the first time I met Joe and attended one of his classes was in Asheville my eyes were closed in pre class paranayam….joe was at the edge of my mat in front of me facing me and waiting for me to finish and open my eyes so he could politely ask me to move a few feet as more people had arrived….I opened my eyes and I see this smiling face, I swear I thought he was a shining yoga angel…..he exuded so much excitement enthusiasm joy and sweet energy….while I lived in Asheville I practiced yoga with joe many many times loving every class….and I really wish I knew a yoga teacher here in Australia like joe….these beautiful photos epitomize and clearly offer the essence of this beautiful being and yoga angel…joe Taft….love Shakti xxx Macmasters beach, Australia xxx

2013/01/19 - 7:35 pm

Marianne Schroeder - Yes…yoga angel! That's Joe Taft!

2013/01/19 - 9:27 pm

Cindy Valenzuela Olah - Those are great! Joe – do you think it would be OK to post this link on the SGY facebook page since you are coming in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to having you here!

2013/01/20 - 2:20 am

Joe Taft - Oh My Gosh Shakti you really bring the Shakti! Thanks… I miss you so much. Cindy Valenzuela Olah, yes please use the photos if you can! Looking forward to my Atlanta visit…!

2013/01/20 - 2:28 am

Shakti Grace - Joe you are so very welcome xxx SG and
Ommmm namah shivaya !

2013/01/21 - 11:15 pm

Emily Nichols - These are awesome! Love the one of you teaching with everyone in tadasana.

2013/01/25 - 3:16 am

Sierra Garrett Hollister - yes- super awesome pictures!

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