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so i heard on the news yesterday morning that donations across the country are way down for Toys for Tots, the program run by the Marines…….so i started thinking. the girls and I always select several items from the angel trees every year, but had never participated in this program. with times being as hard as they are for folks this year, the thought of little ones not receiving something fun and special this Christmas just broke my heart….I announced to the girls that we were heading to the store to fill our cart with loads of toys to take and donate, and you should have heard the squeals! these girls LOVE to shop….and especially for toys ( which they kindof like to think they have outgrown). we left the store with the ‘trunk stuffed’, delivered the loot to the Marines, and then I sat back and just soaked up the huge smiles and comments of, “gosh that was fun, mom…and it feels so good to share” that kept being mentioned the rest of the day.

I hope this post inspires you to help out in any way that you can, as there are so many in need this year……..

the cart begins to fill

Hmmm…Tinkerbell…very cute!

did someone say “kids in a candy store???”

Syd tests the batman mask

her name is B-A-R-B-I-E

Cool reflections!

Natalie supervises the truk stuffing...

Natalie supervises the trunk stuffing...

Hopefully we chose some fun things!

2008/12/12 - 3:57 pm

Whitney Gray - Hey Kristi-
I’ve got an idea for you- if you and your girls don’t have something to do next week (or can take a day off to come to Charlotte) Operation Christmas Child here in Charlotte REALLY needs help packing shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse. We volunteer every year- went today and turnout was way down. I guess it’s the economy- people can’t afford to come this year.
They are begging for people to come to help. I’m going to send out an email and blog about it- maybe someone can do it. It’s really a lot of fun- the boxes we packed today are going to Zimbabwe and Iraq.
Just an idea!

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