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I really, truly love what I get to do…..and also get to call it a ‘job’…….you knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t you??? At this point in the year, very, very late fall…..I often find myself a bit drained creatively, from trying to constantly get that ‘perfect’ image. I know. This is not rocket science….but still, I need to refill my creative coffers every once in awhile. This dawned on me the other evening as i walked out into my yard to grab a few snaps of what were some of the most beautiful clouds I had seen in weeks………I have always been a cloud nut. As a kid, traveling with my parents, descending through them on airplanes……I used to just dream about what it would be like to lie around on them, run, play…just be.

ok…so, back to the matter at hand. As I was capturing these images of clouds and perfect blue sky, I began to just notice and appreciate the soft light that was all around me. I began to remember what drew me to photography.


It is what brought me here. the way the light plays on faces, drifts through leaves and trees, and can be at times both hard and soft. So, I stayed out in the beautiful evening glow and just captured things in my immediate existence. It felt so liberating and exhilarating to not be worried about expressions or strands of hair in the wrong place, but to just soak in the light.

re energizing for certain ….and that is always a great thing….

2012/11/29 - 12:03 am

Carolyn Smith-Jensen - your work is amazing! would love to have you photograph my family.

2012/11/29 - 2:44 am

Amy Clement - Love the photos!

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