sew on and sew on

i grew up with a basic knowledge of sewing…thank you 7th grade home ec/sewing class at Test junior high….however, neither of my daughters had ever had the desire to sit down with me, and let me share what I know. i don’t sew clothing…just things like repairs and putting original hem back on jeans…..i have made a number of things for the home in the past ( chair slipcovers, bedding, pillow shams drapes, duvets….pretty much stuff that has lots and lots of straight lines, and doesn’t need to fit anyone) and I wanted the two of them to at least know how to thread a machine, sew a hem…you know, sewing survival skills. i did a little google search in asheville for sewing classes, and found, much to my delight, a four week class geared toward a novice teen seamstress. class began the end of January. the instructor had her own studio, had been a professional teacher in several mediums for over 15 years, and even designs her own line of clothing. I was sold. i contacted Stina ( Kristina….Arteries by Stina ) and signed them up. on their third week of class, i dropped by to take a few images and see how it was going. i have to say, they are both really enjoying it, and even look forward to their once per week class. do I expect them to suddenly begin crafting their own clothing? not a chance, but for some reason, i feel a bit better knowing that they at least have some idea of what a feed dog and presser foot are.

2011/02/23 - 7:27 am

lara - love that you had them do this, and love visually how it looks! So fun!

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