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an overused phrase as my title, but a one of a kind article as my subject. welcome to the blog miss O in all of her happy, smiley splendor…..oh there were a few moments where we had to call upon Kermit to stand in for us….but for the most part…this little love was just perfection.

grandma even lent a helping hand…

all of the above were taken while miss O was awaiting the arrival of her incredibly beautiful mother, who was in the expert hands of makeup artist, Casey Marie Herdt ( more on her very soon!) and this….was the end result……

2011/02/17 - 8:55 pm

lara - loving your studio work Kristi! And your ‘end result’ is simply breathtaking….

2011/04/07 - 10:42 am

crystal - I am totally supposed to be getting ready for a client consult right now (and my house is a WRECK) but I couldn’t help but say how much I love these.

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