truffle love………….

just in time for Valentine’s Day! Fabulous handcrafted truffles. Karen Ann Pizzorni is a fourth generation confectioner, and her current passion is creating these delectable truffles…….Using only the finest organic ingredients, Artisan Truffles are a delectable treat. I had the opportunity to capture the handcrafting process recently…just a peek

KarenAnn is also offering the opportunity for YOU to learn the art of crafting truffles in your own home! She will take her expertise on the road and instruct you in the fine art of truffling. For Valentine’s ordering information or to arrange your own personal truffle workshop, contact KarenAnn at 828.443.2346

2011/02/08 - 12:02 pm

lara - aaaaaand now i’m starving for some of these. do you need my mailing address again?!?

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