all american family

what a pleasure to photograph these three great young men……

they’re brilliant

they’re athletic

they’re handsome

and great friends to one another…what more could their parents ask for?

{we even sneaked mom and dad in on some of the shots.}

Thanks for the opportunity , Tish and Paul!

2008/07/22 - 11:20 pm

Danielle Hobbs - Such good looking boys! Mom and Dad should be proud! Great job Kristi!

2008/07/22 - 11:22 pm

cherie yost - #1 what a great location….I am jealous!
#2 what a great looking family
these photos are really good!

2008/07/23 - 12:03 am

Jan - What a handsome group of brothers! You can really see the family love–wonderful!

2008/07/23 - 8:44 am

Carrie Moore - What a bunch of handsom young men! I love the picture of the three boys in the field. That would look great hanging over a fireplace.

2008/07/23 - 2:38 pm

Belle - gorgeous images!!! second one is definitely canvas material!!!

2008/07/23 - 9:27 pm

Melissa - These are gorgeous pictures! What a great family! Such handsome boys!

2008/07/25 - 3:41 pm

Holly Sisson - Beautiful shots Kristi! You can really see the family connection, you captured it perfectly!

2008/07/27 - 11:18 pm

Emily - So handsome! I LOVE the 3 of them together=)

2008/07/31 - 3:13 pm

Kimberly Kyle - Gorgeous family!! Love the connection you can feel by looking at the pictures.

2008/08/17 - 12:28 pm

Debbie Lynn - K…you made everyone so comfortable that their love and joy came through in these beautiful pictures! Have the casting directors seen these pics? Maybe they are casting for a new “Dawson’s Creek”. 🙂

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