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would you like to live forever? just one of the thought provoking topics that pops up in Table Topics our nightly dinner time diversion. I have to say, we have owned this game for a few years now, and played it sporadically ( I have a collection of the teen version, family and family gathering versions) but with the onset of the relentless winter weather, and the increase of family members eating at all different times and in all different parts of the house, I decided it was time to bring em all back to the table, and this little cube provided just the temptation. We have had more fun over the last several nights talking , laughing and learning more ( sometimes more than we wanted to know, ha!!) about each other. I strongly recommend picking one of these up…….and then….using them. You will be so glad you did.
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2010/02/18 - 5:58 pm

Justyna - Awesome!!! I just bought the kids version. $10 free shipping. Thanks for getting me to spend $$, LOL.

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