kristi hedberg photography – kindness and gratitude

this is a personal post……to express how incredibly gracious and generous people are……..and how immensely I appreciate that generosity. A delivery person from Blossoms flower shop arrived at my door today, delivering the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen. It was a thank you from a friend and parent of one of my daughter’s teammates, for my ‘acting’ as the team photographer over the seasons……a ‘job’ I wholeheartedly loved. It was a most unexpected gift, but I cannot tell you how much it meant. I am truly, truly touched by this incredible showing of generosity.

thank you!

2009/11/20 - 9:45 pm

jennifer suydam - hi kristi! i’m a new follower… i came upon your blog courtesy of a refer by michele anderson of pinkle toes! she’s right – your images are beautiful! i’m a photographer, too… in northern new york, actually. 🙂

well, i just wanted to say hi and that i absolutely love your work. stunning and very inspirational.

i will be following regularly! <3

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