kristi hedberg photography – Team Subaru – asheville commercial photographer

there is a difference between riding your hardest on a mountain bike or road bike in super cold weather, and standing in a field in sleeveless jerseys and shorts in cold weather……My money is on these women every time in the first instance….as for the latter, the strong cold wind and overcast skies combined to have everyone’s teeth chattering! They were the ultimate troopers though…..hanging with me while I adjusted their poses, and took image after image. Thanks ladies. You are the best.

Here is to an incredible 2009-2010 season!

Team Subaru

2009/10/26 - 9:29 pm

Tracy Waldrop - Love the colors – great job as always!!

2009/10/28 - 5:56 am

Bev - There is a lot of strength in this group! Beautiful images.

2009/10/30 - 12:16 pm

ashley - Yes, lots of stregth indeed! Love the setting, Kristi. These are wonderful shots!

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