kristi hedberg photography – crazy green eyes | asheville headshot photographer

I will actually write very little about these images….because once you get a tiny peek at the first one, you will immediately be so distracted, you very well will not read another word. Green. Eyed. Gorgeousness!

2009/09/19 - 6:08 pm

Charlene Fidelia - OMG MRS. HEDBERG!!! These pictures loook amazing!! I love them!

2009/09/19 - 8:27 pm

Aseel - WOW. You were right…I can barely keep reading. Those images are stunning, and so are her eyes. Beautiful! I love your lighting in the 4th one – very unique.

2009/09/20 - 10:48 pm

Bev - Wow. This girl is gorgeous but your lighting is over the top!!

2009/09/21 - 9:19 am

Leigh Taylor - She is insanely gorgeous!! You did a great job hun!

2009/09/21 - 10:28 pm

Heidi Geagan - I’m just grateful to be able to say that I knew you both before each of you became famous.
Charlene, you are on your way into the world of modeling and Kristi, amazing work, once again.
Just gorgeous…truly.

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