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Don’t ever let it be said that I don’t take my clients to the nicest places……well this was a beautiful spot, and yes, it was nice….nice enough that there was quite a crowd there, only the crowd was of the reptilian kind ! The only thing was, I was knee deep in the water, and the Becker family were out in the middle of the water, when the three water snakes basking/cooling themselves in the waterfalls were discovered…Yikes! They were harmless, but let’s just say we completed this portion of the session rather quickly…then hightailed it out of there!
Snake number one
Image taken near snake numbers one, two and three…can’t you just tell how brave they are, lol

Thanks again all…..always an adventure photographing your family! Last time fleeing the thunderstorm, and this time….well, I consider a sighting of three snakes to be an adventure 🙂

2009/06/22 - 11:00 am

Kimberly Kyle - Scary!! That snake looks huge! Glad you got the shot though. 🙂 Beautiful family.

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