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I love living in Asheville, and admittedly do NOT spend nearly enough time downtown. It is just one of those places that is filled with unique shops, eclectic people, street musicians, art deco buildings and oh…the view. Did I mention the view yet? You can see the mountains from many spots, even just on the streets of downtown. But take a ride up in one of the 1920’s elevators contained in the Flat Iron building to a place called the Sky Club……and this is what awaits you. (view is free, martini is just a little extra)

And contrary to many people’s beliefs, the SkyClub is open to the public….it is NOT a private club, though it might become a place you’d like to keep as a secret!

2009/05/31 - 8:48 pm

regina holder - i love how a fire escape in asheville is now the hot hang out spot downtown. i think you can see my studio from there! we’ve been talking for months about getting together – hit me up and let’s hang out!

2009/05/31 - 8:53 pm

admin - I know, hilarious, right?! Would love to catch up soon, Regina! Yep. that is your office down there!

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