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going to the dogs | asheville family photographer

Have you ever seen a party poodle? Have you ever seen a party poodle pose? This is quite possibly one of the funniest pet images I have personally ever taken….I did NOT place him like that…just led him over to the steps and that was how he perched…. Big dogs are just the greatest.. This […]

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three | asheville photographer

Three great teenagers, two of whom happen to be very ‘on their toes’……sorry girls, just could not resist! We had a really beautiful evening to shoot, after a kind of questionable start to the day. Thanks for taking time out of your busy summer evening schedules for me. Lots of activities when you are this […]

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Gotta keep reminding myself….. | asheville photographer

that this is one of the moments  Mark and I have always been working towards….the independence.   I mentioned yesterday that I thought I’d be seeing a whole lot of the back of her car…… Now both of them are in there.  This was the scene this morning, as they left for school. Why do I […]

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morning light | asheville portrait photographer

One of the first of many questions I am asked when arranging a photo session is, ‘ what time should we do this?’ The following image is the sight that greets me each and every morning in my backyard ( at least the sunny mornings) at 6:45…..AM. Now, not many of my clients are willing […]

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