Monthly Archives: May 2008

my pal J

i had an official play date yesterday with a delightful three year old! mom arranged it so that just the two of us could hang out and play cars for awhile (oh and get a few great pictures too!). of course as far as my pal knew, the pictures were just something i always do…not […]

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life is like a field of poppies……

ok, so that is not exactly how the quote goes. we just could not resist grabbing the tutus and heading out to this remarkable stand of poppies located just off of the interstate off ramp. love that our highway department sows these seeds.

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if I seem a bit nervous these days….

there is a reason…..this is the car that Sydney is driving a couple of days a week. where did the time go? I waited outside to get a photo of her actually driving it this morning, but the car had some mechanical problems….so I have to wait to ambush again next week. she is quite […]

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15 years ago today…..

she was a mother’s day baby. Wow, where has the time gone. we started her day off with a quick birthday breakfast at Panera….you can only imagine how much we love this kid…. how excited is she to be 15? the traditional kid choice for birthday dinner (though after last night, we are rethinking this […]

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