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morning light | asheville portrait photographer

One of the first of many questions I am asked when arranging a photo session is, ‘ what time should we do this?’ The following image is the sight that greets me each and every morning in my backyard ( at least the sunny mornings) at 6:45…..AM. Now, not many of my clients are willing […]

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sunset at the track | asheville event photographer

it was one of those nights…..where the clouds had three distinct dimensions to them against the cerulean blue sky. yeah, i admit it….i’ve been waiting a long time to use the word ‘cerulean’ in a post…i am kind of strange with words like that . unlike last week’s track meet, tonight’s had a gentle warm […]

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travels with kristi | asheville photographer

this past weekend, i had a little roadtrip of my very own, to visit a fellow photographer, Danielle Hobbs, and hang out with her at her newborn session. it was just great fun to watch her work, as she does loads of these newborn sessions, and so is a real natural at them. she certainly […]

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