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mother’s day baby…..

18 years ago today, our sweet Sydney was the very first baby born on Mother’s Day in North Central Iowa……an honor that garnered us both 30 seconds on the evening news that day. Yes, she was born in a small town. I have written and re-written this post in my head a thousand times over […]

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sew on and sew on

i grew up with a basic knowledge of sewing…thank you 7th grade home ec/sewing class at Test junior high….however, neither of my daughters had ever had the desire to sit down with me, and let me share what I know. i don’t sew clothing…just things like repairs and putting original hem back on jeans…..i have […]

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kristi hedberg photography | asheville dog photographer

today was yet another snow day for the local schools, so, since I have two daughters, one would automatically assume that that translates into ALWAYS ready and willing models……um, not always. While my two are normally very tolerant of me and my need to experiment, these other two are always ready and willing….as long as […]

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